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Dora - Akhtal el saghir Str.
Al Akhtal al Saghir Bldg.
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3rd floor.

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Victoria Abboud


Since 2006, PRODES promotes Dora Center, which develop alternative education programs for youth and women of Beirut neighborhoods with predominant low-income population.

These districts have been formed by successive rural exodus caused by financial reasons and displacements during the civil war. The poor quality of houses and the uprooting of the inhabitants is the cause of vicious circles that perpetuate situations of violence, school failure, and disappointment about vital and professional future.

This project proposes an action to support the training of women and youth, as a partial solution to join in the efforts being carried out to improve the living conditions of these populations. Development goal of this project is to strengthen civil society populations suburbs of Beirut so as to generate mechanisms of improvement in their living conditions.

In the first stage of the project, training programs are informal, and they are aimed to create a group of leaders that will be able, in the future, to manage a larger center with specialized training offer.

Outcomes of the project in its initial phase are:

- Capacity building of adult women:
Household management (understood as the first nucleus of social improvement), work-family reconciliation, backing women's associations with cultural and solidarity purposes.

- Capacity building of youth:
Improvement education: study skills, vocational guidance, development of reading enjoyment as a way to enlarge cultural horizons, language skills.

Constructive entertainment: activities that promote leadership and teamwork skills, personal overcoming, artistic and cultural sensitivity, such us sports - basketball- music-band of pop music.

Social action: specifically support for Iraqi refugees in the neighborhood Sedd El Bauchrieh. The flow of Iraqi refu gees in Lebanon has been constant since the beginning of the conflict in that country. PRODES collaborates with other NGOs (IECD) supporting educational activities for Iraqi children. The support of young people through their voluntary cooperation has proved an excellent aid in their personal improvement as they experience that is possible to provide positive solutions to all problems.

Painting walls in Araya Village - 2012

Dora open house - 2012

Painting wall in small villages - 2012

Spanish courses at Dora center - 2012