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Maad, Jbeil-Byblos.

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The “Institute of Management and Services” has been launched in 2009 in partnership with the Municipality of Jbeil-Byblos. IMS offers a 3-year formal training program in ‘Hospitality Management’ approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Education. The IMS proposes an integral education for the youth, offering a specialization in Business and Tourism Services with a specific component of the ‘Creation of micro-small businesses’.

IMS has as main objective to give a better vision and level to technical education. That’s why it’s receiving continuous support from French experts in the domain. Through IMS, services and tourism shall be promoted in the villages of origin of the students. IMS is working in tight relationship with Municipalities and local actors to respond to real needs, who will be as well guiding the process and giving support to the student’s projects.

Therefore IMS proposes a plan to promote business and income generating activities in rural Lebanon through:

  1. Vocational training for young females from the rural areas which include:
    • Technique Superior Diploma
    • Modular Vocational Training
  2. A reinforcement plan for rural tourism initiatives through the activities of the IMS.
  3. A support plan to micro and small business in services sector.

IMS offers as well Continuous Training Programs for adult women and professionals in the domain of Tourism and Services.

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The Conseil Général des Hauts de Seine (CGHS) has financed the construction of the IMS through the Municipality of Byblos. It gives a continous support for the start-up of IMS.

IECD –The Insitut Européen de Coopération et Développement

is a French Non-profit organization whose mission is training and educating people as an empowering means against poverty and economic stagnation. IECD has long and successful experience in vocational training and support to MSEs that is accumulated from numerous projects in different parts of the developing world. (link:

FFM— The Fondation des Femmes pour la Mediterranee

works for the autonomie of women and reinforcement of her role in the Euro-Mediterranean countries,aiming for equality between women and men. It’s first network of action has started in France, Jordan, Lebanon and Maroc. IMS is the first project in Lebanon supported by FFM.


  • Conseil General Haut des Seines (CGHS) - for the construction of IMS building

  • Caisse des Depots National de France (CD) - for infrastructure works

  • IECD– private donors—for the dorms
  • Reledev-AUSAid: for the training programs for 2 years

  • Italian Cooperation: for the multifunctional room and documentation center

  • Walid Ben Talal: for the kitchen equipment


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