Litani Activities 2014 - 2015

Visiting and monitoring needs of the families of Karm Zeytum

During the weekends of the first semester of 2015, many social visits were done for families located at Karmen El Zeytum - Beirut. The group of young girls grew up through their own initiatives, inviting their friends from school or university and some young professionals to meet the families. One of the girls who already had experience assisting refugees in Lebanon, explained that the most important needs for the families are: food conservation and personal hygiene for the kids. Orientations about home hygiene, organization of the house's furniture, and how to make more profits from the food prepared. Also, some girls talked with the families about how to ameliorate family ambience and their relations. A group of girls with formation in Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry were selected to help the kids of the families in their studies in these areas.

Summer Social Actions Camp

By the end of June, two summer social camping were organized for bachelors. The girls were hosted in Maad – Byblos Region and after a gathering 5 Syrian and Iraqi families, the participants prepared some music, games and festivals for the visiting families. Also, visits for the rest home Ozanam in Batroun were often conducted. To incentive the service spirit, during the activities and the meals moments the girls had to work in groups, helping them to grow friendly relationships, improve communication and interaction with each others. With workshops and groups discussions, the assistants could learn and practice the new concepts in their homes.

Art & Crafts workshops, cooking and work group with bachelors

For group of girls between 10 and 13 years, cooking and art & craft workshops are made once a week during all the year. Throughout these activities, the girls learn how to develop virtues like patience, order and working in groups and trying to practice what they have learned in the center in their houses, schools and their own life.

Video discussion cycles, cultural meetings & tours for bachelors and university students

Made mainly once a month, these activities help to improve an ambience of cooperation, exchange of experiences and knowledge, mainly through discussing the subjects presented in every meeting. With the support of assistants, and after some weeks, these interactions became natural, helping the girls grow in a friendly relationship. The videos discussion cycles were an instrument to help the girls reflect on generosity, attention to each others, and initiative.