An Nawras Activities 2014- 2015

Starting by Bioethics classes, the year was full of interesting lectures for young professionals. Other topics were: How to communicate at home, Children Education, Nature Care, etc.

For young girls, cooking, sewing and etiquette classes were given once a month. They also used to visit lonely elders. These young girls and their friends finished the year with a summer camp at Maad and Batroun where they did a lot of activities and participated in productive cross talks about values and the importance of positive behavior to change the world.

In August, a 15-days summer camp took place at Tartej. Many academics from all around Lebanon worked on it. Besides, there were persons from Belgium, Austria, Spain, Canada, USA, Brasil and Argentine among the volunteers. The camp’s main purpose was to organize activities for kids that consist of teaching them useful and funny skills through Art, Music, Singing, Spanish, Cooking and good manners tips. The summer camp was successful especially for the 120 kids who benefited from it.